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You may know us from...

Whether you're an aspiring bestselling author seeking guidance or a published writer looking to level up, the Self-Editing Academy is your steps tool to your next level.

I'm a writer, just like you. Those challenges and uncertainties you encounter on the daily? I know them intimately. That's why I'm dedicated to providing you with practical solutions to elevate your writing.

Your Story, Your Way. Amplified.

Master the art of self-editing

While most coaches and online courses for writers focus on the initial draft or the final edit, we're obsessed with what happens in-between.

We believe in your potential to shape your writing, and empower you to take control. To refine your own work before you allow others to. Because you know what? You are your greatest editor.


We truly believe that, even though we also believe a trained professional is necessary to achieve the full-on story magic you're looking for.

Because we know how hard it can be to stay on track and remain confident in your own abilities, we've designed the Self-Editing Academy around teaching a transformative mindset.

Are you ready to take your creativity and motivation to new heights with our unique approach? During your free 7-day trial, you decide if the Academy is right for you. If it's not, you won't be charged.

You are your greatest editor

Self-editing goes beyond correcting typos and commas. It's about amplifying your voice. About taking up space as a writer.

The Academy shows you how to refine your manuscript. But more importantly, it teaches you to refine your relationship with your craft. To foster a growth-oriented mindset based on personal development and self-belief.

Edit with purpose

& intention

Why Choose Us?

Grace Ferguson

Elzevera is just a wonderful person to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fiction writing abilities or seeking feedback on a particular story.

Krysann Joye

She "gets it" and imbues courage with her gentle, but authoritative prompts and questions—both inside the modules and outside them as a self-editing coach. Having some guidance allows me to not only trust the process, but to enjoy it as well. 

Helena Brady

She has helped me in more ways than just improving my writing, she has also helped me build confidence around editing my own work. Cannot recommend enough!!!

Martha Bechtel

I’ve had quite a few a-ha! moments when she’s nailed the nebulous bit of something that was wrong with a story. I knew it was there, I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Now that I can see it, I can fix it—and it’s the best feeling in the world!

Unlock your inner editor

You already have everything you need, you just need the key to access it

You possess the power to elevate your writing with confidence. To turn your manuscript into a book that impacts your readers. But chances are, it's in a part of your brain you haven't unlocked yet. So let us hand you the key 🗝️

Some areas may require a good old key we always have hanging on the wall. Others may require lock picking. Interactive exercises and self-reflection assignments will help you uncover the type of lock you're dealing with and learn how to pick it.

The main stages of the self-editing process laid out for you + editing tips and tricks to minimise frustration.

Self-Editing Checklist

All the steps of the self-editing process laid out for you + editing tips and tricks for optimal results.

Self-Editing Roadmap

Everything you need to know about self-editing, from actionable steps to mindset exercises and answers to all of your questions.

Self-Editing Academy

Your Victory, Your Way

When Elzevera was 14, almost all her free time went to writing fanfiction (Green Day and the Chronicles of Narnia, anyone? 🤩) and helping others improve theirs by beta reading. She loved seeing writers grow based on her feedback with every new chapter that came out.


She started writing a fantasy story featuring talking animals and looked for help on the internet. She found a digital home away from home in an international writing forum where she fell in love with editing.

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam equipped with a BA in psychology and a MA in Editing & Publishing, she started working as a freelance line editor.

The more clients she worked with, the more she realized the self-editing steps she'd always taken for granted weren't part of most writers' process. Knowing how powerful self-editing can be, she made it her mission to help fiction writers unleash their inner editor with confidence.

How it All Started


Let us focus on the how. Follow the steps we give you and take advantage of the power of self-editing.

Side-effects include feelings of empowerment, validation and belonging.

Oh, and published books.

Unlock your writing's untapped potential

The Self-Editing Academy

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